I’m so excited to share with you the latest hair trend for your wedding day! I know, as soon as you saw those words, you probably thought, “ugh… another article about hair?” But trust me on this one: balayage is a different look than anything we’ve seen before, and it will make all of your guests jealous. So let’s take a closer look at what balayage is and why it might be just suitable for your big day.

It’s no surprise that the latest hair trend is for balayage, a technique where highlights are strategically placed to frame your face. The best part? You can get it done in about an hour! So if you’re looking for a wedding hairstyle idea this year, give this one a try.

What is Balayage’s hair trend?

I have seen this hair trend all over the internet lately, and I am obsessed with it. The idea is to give your hair a natural sun-kissed look without using bleach or other harsh chemicals. You can do this by highlighting hair strands in different shades of brown, blonde, reds, etc., which will create dimension and depth. It’s perfect for summer weddings because it doesn’t require any heat styling – just let your locks air dry.

Many women are looking for new ways to style their hair, whether it is for a wedding or just out on the town. One hairstyle that has been gaining in popularity lately is balayage. Balayage gives your hair an ombre effect by adding lighter pieces throughout your natural color. This look is perfect for any event.

Why should you try balayage on your wedding day?

hair colorThe Balayage hair trend is sweeping the nation! It’s a great way to add dimension and shine to your hair. One of our favorite looks for this popular hairstyle is long, flowing waves that create that romantic feel. We also see lots of cute buns and braids on social media. What will you do?

Finding the perfect hair color for your wedding day is hard enough. But, if you want something natural-looking but still chic, then balayage may be the answer to all of your questions. The Balayage hair trend has been around for a while now, and it’s finally starting to make its way into weddings! This hairstyle starts with highlighting the hair using an ombré technique before gradually fading out towards the ends. The result is a sun-kissed look that will leave you feeling like you just stepped off of vacation in Hawaii or somewhere equally as beautiful.