Q & A

What are your favorite hair products?

For shampoo I'm finishing up the last of my AG Conditioning Wash and I'm planning on switching to Oribe. I absolutely love the AG Tousled Texture collection. Dry texture spray will become your best friend to create volume and texture in curls.. beachy or not. Another product I absolutely cannot live without is my Bumble and Bumble hairspray. That is a must. For tools I use a Bombay 32mm curling wand. I am sponsored by them and I actually LOVE their tools.

Where do you get your hair done and what kind of extensions do you use?

I get my hair done by Gina at Parlour 3 in Nashville. I could not be any more pleased with this salon. They do amazing work and if you need proof of that, look at Carrie Underwood and Jessie James Decker's hair. They go there as well. My extensions are individually beaded and they are called Dream Catchers.

Where did you meet Ryan?

Ryan and I met at the gym here in Chattanooga. I was leaving to go to work and he was walking in. Ryan asked me if I would like to go to dinner and since I had a few minutes... I said ok...he was super cute and ridiculously charming.. couldn't resist! Little did I know that I was going on a date with my future husband. 

Did you know who he was or what he did for a living? 

No. I didn't watch MTV then. Nor do I care to now.

What do you do for a living?

I am going to school for nursing! I unfortunately had to put college off for a bit because HELLO!! BABY!! WORKING TO SURVIVE HERE!! Ryan is a lineman as well as a diesel mechanic. He went to school for both. (YES... he actually went to college)

Where do you shop?

I absolutely love Free People. But my favorite stores to shop here in Chattanooga are Ann Taylor Loft and Dillards. And I LOVE a bargain. I can't turn that down.

What color are your eyes?

Contrary to popular belief, my eyes are blue. Naturally. NO contacts. Not shit brown...(lol)

What do you guys do for fun?

We live on the lake, so we love all things WATER! An evening boat ride is one of my favorite things to do with my sweet man. In the winter, we like to go riding on our ATV which is Ryan's baby.

What is life like with the show?

In short, stressful. I'm a very mild person but I am passionate about things I believe in! I try to be very transparent and open but that usually gets translated into me looking ridiculously cold and angry. Don't cross my family and don't cross me. haha!! 

How do you get through life and deal with life struggles?

whole lotta coffee, a whole lotta lovin', a whole lotta Jesus and a whole lotta family. I can't stress enough that each day is a new day and a new journey. We are turning our struggles into our story. 

What is it like being a step parent as well as a parent to your own son?

That is a new one that I'm figuring out day by day. I love these two little guys equally. They are both so unique and so special. It is really cool to be able to plan fun things for us all to do that suit everyones needs. I treat him no different than I do my own son. When B comes over, he knows that there are rules to abide by... as does H.

Do you want more kids?

Yassssss, hunny. We both want ONE more. God's plan is good enough for us. We will have one in His timing!

What do you watch on TV?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we literally go through a never ending battle of who controls the remote... everyday. I'm ridiculously stuck on Bravo and all things Housewives. Ryan, however, cannot get enough of American Heroes Channel. A common ground for us both is Sons of Anarchy which we are currently delving into as I type. (Slightly obsessed with Jax)



Mackenzie Edwards