Dear World

What’s it like being on TV you may ask? Must be so glamorous, right? Let’s start from here. This is a very, very lonely life. It takes you to dark places and it forces you to find yourself and to define what you’re made of.  It’s about showing the world the “story” while knowingly opening yourself up to hatred and vile comments at your expense.

Whatever you do, it’s broadcasted. Whatever mistakes you make, they’re broadcasted. Your ups, downs, and in betweens, broadcasted. The best day of your life along with the very worst day possible.....broadcasted. But that’s what you sign up for, right? That’s what you’re supposed to expect when you do this kind of thing, right?

I think it’s commonly forgotten that behind screens, we are real people. Real people with real attitudes. We have real emotions, real families, real hurts, real love, real opinions. 

Another common misconception... that what is shown is what is 110% true. Its easy to believe that, but it’s not right. It’s easy to show the “half truth” and portray it as whole. But that’s ok because regardless of what happens, whether right or wrong, you’re considered scum.

But you did this for 15 mins of fame, right? Wrong. I do this so y’all have an ACCURATE depiction of what it’s like to be a teen mother. I do this so that it’s documented that just because you and your “baby daddy” don’t get along, you can make it work. (P.s. they aren’t Satan, they’re real kids with real feelings.... I know. Imagine that, you’re not the only one going through tough shit. You both are. Differently.)

Theres a lot of things I’d like to do for a living, lots of dreams that still sparkle when I close my eyes at night... These things are still attainable but are dimmed by a clouded mind full of empty words of hatred and lies from people I’ve never even met and from some I know well. 

So many times you think of quitting, forgetting everything, dropping the torch but then there’s that quiet voice in your heart. You remember “that girl” who needed hope and encouragement and to know that she was going to be fine. That girl who was alone and trying to figure out how life works with a baby on her hip, dirty scrubs on her tired body, a shit ton of bills to pay in her back pocket and a backpack full of books for college on her back... you remember because “that girl,” was you. You can easily forget where you came from but from this experience you never forget WHAT. YOU. ARE. MADE. OF. 

Go ahead, hate me and what you think you know about me, my family and my decisions. But never forget that we are all humans out here trying to figure out life. And it’s times like this that I remember what “that girl” is made of.  And believe me, she has a lot of fight left in her.

 So to “that girl” who needs this message, keep going. Don’t give up. You can do this. Education is important, so get one. Life is hard, but you are harder, stronger and at times, smarter. Don’t let your dreams flicker in the background  Go get them. 



“That girl”